Recycling & Waste Disposal


In general, food waste should be disposed of using your waste disposal unit in the kitchen sink, and not placed into the rubbish chute.

Non-recyclable waste should be placed down the rubbish chute located in your corridor.

Recyclable waste should be placed into the small recycling bins located adjacent to your rubbish chute. Larger recycling items, fabric, metal and electrical goods should be placed in the recycling area located on Level 1 of the underground car park (at the Chicheley Street end, near the entrance / exit ramp).

For information about what items can be recycled by Lambeth Council, please see the recycling section of their website. Continue reading “Recycling & Waste Disposal”

Noise Disturbances

If you are being subjected to a noise disturbance, then you have several resources available to you. If the noise is being generated within County Hall, for example by a neighbour or workmen, or one of the Commercial Units on the ground floor then in the first instance you should report it to the Porters’ Lodge on 0207 207 1951.

For external noise disturbances or those from within the commercial units, you can report the incident to Lambeth Council by ringing 020 7926 5000, or filling in an online report.

You can view Lambeth Council’s Noise Nuisance Policy here.

Council Tax

Residential properties within County Hall Apartments are within the E, F & G bands for one, two and three bedroom properties respectively. Some larger properties in North & South Blocks are in band H. You can check your rate band on the official Valuation Office Agency website.

The post codes for each block are as follows:

North Block East Block South Block West Block

Council Tax is payable to Lambeth Bourough Council. For information on matters relating to Council Tax, visit their website.