Who’s Who?

RolodexIf you live at, or own a residence within County Hall Apartments, you will here a sometimes confusing array of organisations, entities and companies being mentioned, and it is not always clear which is responsible for what. This page endeavours to describe the role of each.




County Hall Freehold Limited – (CHFL)

In 2018 a number of owners of residential properties in County Hall purchased the freehold from its previous owner. County Hall Freehold Limited is the legal vehicle through which the freehold is collectively owned. It is a limited company, registered in England at Companies House with company number 11228336.

Essentially, CHFL is the land owner, with the boundary of the estate being roughly demarcated by land enclosed by York Word, Westminster Bridge Road, Belvedere Road and Chicheley Street.

It is to CHFL that all leaseholder (both residential and commercial) pay their ground rent, although CHFL use a management agent to collect those fees on their behalf. Currently that management agent is Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward.

The board of County Hall Freehold Ltd. is made up from shareholder in the company, who fill the roles on a voluntary, unpaid basis.

Whilst becoming a shareholder in the freehold company was open to all residential property owners, not all chose to invest. Thus, it needs to be understood that whilst all shareholders of CHFL are residential property owners within County Hall Apartments, not all residential property owners are shareholders in CHFL.

If you own a residential property within County Hall Apartments then you are entitled to purchase one share in the freehold company for each property you own – up to a maximum limit. This is to prevent overall control of the freehold ever transferring to a single individual, company, or small group of shareholders, which should ensure that the freehold company acts in the interests of the widest possible number of shareholders.

County Hall Management Companies

The structure of the management companies is a little more complex. However, in simple terms the boards of the Management Companies are responsible for the day-to-day management of the estate, as well as its maintenance and upkeep. This is what you pay your management fees toward.

Since the board are made up of part-time, unpaid volunteers, they employ staff who work full time performing some functions (the porters, cleaners, estate manager, etc.), as well as engaging other companies (most notably the management agent, as well as the services of solicitors, where necessary) to deal with other matters on their behalf.

CHML use a managing agent to collect the management fees payable by property owners. Currently this agent is Rendall and Rittner. All management fees paid are held by the agents in their client account and costs incurred are settled by Rendall & Rittner from the account. The County Hall Management companies do not directly handle monies paid as management fees, although they are responsible for authorising expenditure.

There are three limited companies involved in the management structure of County Hall Apartments. They are largely structured as legal vehicles through which shared ownership is organised. The companies are:

  • County Hall Management Company (N & S) Limited (03069829)
  • County Hall Management (Courtyard) Limited (03432838)
  • County Hall Management Company Limited (04555966)

If you own a property in North or South Block then you are automatically a shareholder of County Hall Management (N & S) Ltd., and if you own a property in East or West block of County Hall Apartments then you are automatically a shareholder of County Hall Management (Courtyard) Ltd.

Transfer of ownership of the shares in these companies mirrors the transfer of ownership of the residential properties themselves. If you sell your property, the share transfers to the new owner. You own one share for each property you own within County Hall Apartments.

County Hall Management Company Limited is the third management company. Its sole shareholders are County Hall Courtyard Limited and County Hall North & South Limited. This structure allows management effort and funds to be allocated appropriately to matters which are specific to Courtyard, to N&S, and to those which relate to communal facilities and services (e.g. the leisure facilities).

As an owner of a residential property in County Hall Apartments, you will pay your management fees, which fund the day-to-day running, upkeep and maintenance of the estate, to County Hall Management Company Ltd., although as noted above, in practice payment is made to the appointed managing agent (currently Rendal & Rittner, but the specific agent used may be subject to change over time).

The board of N & S & Courtyard is made up of owners and residents from the respective blocks for which those companies are responsible. The board of County Hall Management Limited is made up from mix of owners and residents from all four blocks.

County Hall Owners & Residents Association – (CHORA)

CHORA LogoCHORA is an organisation made up of volunteers who are owners and residents within County Hall Apartments. They represent the concerns of owners and residents to various organisations, as well as organising social functions, liaising with various external organisations and negotiating discounts for residents with some local businesses. They have recently launched their own website at www.chora.org.uk.

Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward

Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward are the managing agents currently engaged by County Hall Freehold Ltd. to collect ground rent on their behalf. Thus, as a property owner within County Hall Apartments you will receive ground rent demand periodically from Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward and the money should be paid directly into their client account, as per the instructions on the demand.

Rendall and Rittner

Rendall and Rittner are the management agents currently engaged by the Management Company to collect Management Fees, and perform other limited management tasks on their behalf. It is from Rendall and Rittner that residents will receive demands for payment of management fees, and those fees should be paid directly into their client account, per the instructions on the demand.

Taylor Wessing

Taylor Wessing are the firm of solicitors which are currently engaged by County Hall Freehold Ltd. to perform legal activities on their behalf. You may need to deal with Taylor Wessing when buying or selling a property in County Hall Apartments, in relation to transfer of share ownership, when planning alterations to a property, or other matters.